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Skyview Paws, Millersburg, Ohio

Welcome to Skyview Paws, the home of mini bernedoodles. We are a small breeder located in Northeast Ohio (Millersburg, Ohio), within easy driving distance from Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Columbus and Marietta, Ohio. We can also arrange to ship your puppy wherever you live. Our “family” includes six bernese mountain dog females which are bred to male miniature poodles to get our miniature bernedoodle puppies.

We place all of our puppies directly into loving forever homes. If you are looking for the perfect new addition to your family, we think you’ll fall in love with our mini bernedoodle puppies. Our puppies are very popular and are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Learn more about adopting a Skyview Paws mini bernedoodle puppy.


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Healthy Puppies
Healthy Puppies

The health and well-being of our animals is of upmost importance. We follow strict vaccination and deworming guidelines, and all puppies will be vet-checked and deemed healthy at the time of sale. For added assurance, we provide a one year health guarantee to make sure you are getting a healthy puppy.

Once you have adopted one of our mini bernedoodle puppies, we will provide you with information on caring for your new family member at home, and we are always here ready to help with any questions you might have.

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Snow Mini Bernedoodles
About Mini Bernedoodles

Miniature bernedoodles are a combination of the miniature poodle and the bernese mountain dog. They are great companion dogs and especially love children. The result is a beautiful family-friendly, intelligent, playful, healthy, active 25-40 pound dog that is nearly hypoallergenic.

You get the best traits from both breeds with the mild temperament of a bernese blended with the sociability, intelligence and nearly hypoallergenic curly coat of a poodle.