Upcoming Litters and Master List

Upcoming Litter: Expected March 11TH 2022

Mom: Kiesha
Dad: Dior Expected Delivery: March 11th 2022 Estimated Adoption Day: Beginning of May

We are so excited to see the puppies from this pair they should all be beautiful tri-colored. If all goes according to plan, the puppies will be born around March 11TH 2022 (estimated date) and adoption day will be beginning of May for more information on these parents, check out our About Mom's and Dad's page.

Kiesha an Doir

Master List

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, you will need to fill out our Puppy Application. Once we have received your puppy application, deposit, and signed contract, you will be place on our Master List. Once a mom has her puppies, we will move people off the Master List and onto that mom's reservation list. The purpose of the Master List is to ensure the first people who place retainers with us, are offered the first choice from an available litter.

  1. Danielle Schoenberg Mallory #1
  2. Sarah Whitcombe Lancaster Aug.- Oct. 2022
  3. Aaron Berkowitz Kiesha #1